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Nikmati kemudahan domain transfer dari layanan lama ke Digitalku hanya dalam 4 langkah. Transfer Domain sekarang!! mudah, cepat, dan tidak berbelit. Dapatkan promo spesial dan biaya transfer domain murah hanya untuk Anda!

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$ 68.000

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4 Easy Steps to Transfer Domains

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Enter the EPP Code

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Easy Process

Dengan empat langkah saja, proses transfer domain di sangatlah mudah. 

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Temukan nama domain idaman di, dengan biaya transfer domain yang bersahabat.

Domain Transfer Terms

This requirement should be fulfilled so that your domain transfer goes smoothly without a hitch. here are the basic requirements for domain transfer

  • Domain has been active for at least 60 days before transfer
  • The maximum age limit for the domain is 30 days before expiration
  • Have EPP Code Domain
  • Domain is in UNLOCK state (Theft Protection is DISABLE) R ID protection is disabled (because the domain contact email is required to send verification. Meanwhile, if id protection is on, the domain contact is closed)

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Uptime guarantee The 99% is supported by multi-backbone internet, equipped with anti-DDOS, reliable server, and dynamic firewall.

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