Fund Deposit

September 19, 2019 | KB, Other, Customer service

Digitalku menyediakan dana deposit untuk memudahkan transaksi. dana deposit bisa dari Kelebihan Transfer / Refund pembayaran / Dari hal lain . berikut adalah beberapa poin cara kerja deposit

  • Customers who transfer excess of at least IDR 1,000 and above can be included in the deposit
  • Automatic deposit will pay when there is a new invoice. so this feature can be used by customers to extend services at the start without having to wait for an invoice to be issued first
  • If previously there was a new invoice with deposit funds coming in, then these funds cannot go directly to the old invoice, but the customer can use it to pay for the invoice by going to the invoice then clicking "Use Deposit" to pay
  • Deposit funds that have not been used to pay invoices can be submitted for a minimum withdrawal of IDR 10,000
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