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Google Apps is a Premium service from Google. which presents almost all of Google's services, such as custom Domain Email, 30GB Google Drive, Mail Exchange and so on.

We offer google suite packages which are much cheaper than buying them directly on google

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The Google Suite package that you will get

Berikut adalah layanan bundle Google suite yang akan kamu dapatkan apabila membeli layanan google suite di, selain itu kamu juga akan mendaptkan support dari google maupun


Gmail Premium

Use gmail custom with your own domain, for example you have a domain you can create a gmail email with the email [email protected] , of course you will get all the features of google gmail here

google drive


You get 30GB of storage per person. You can also get unlimited storage in G Suite by paying US$10 per month for each person. Google Drive makes it easy for you to store and share your files with your other team members.

google docs

Google Docs

Google Docs is a good word processor. This application can open Word files and has collaboration features that can simplify your company's editorial work, besides that you will also get google sheets, etc.

google forms

Google Forms

You can add data to a Google Sheets spreadsheet manually, but you can also ask someone else to do it for you by using Google Forms. This app uses the drag-and-drop forum feature to collect the data you need

google hangout

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts helps you to communicate more efficiently via voice calls or video calls. You can do this with your entire team. In addition, Google Hangouts also has the Hangouts Chat feature

google admin

Google Admin

To set things up, you'll get access to G Suite Admin, a control panel for your company's Google apps. That's where you'll set up your account, add new users, and keep your business account safe.

Price IDR 98 thousand/month

Questions about Google Workspace

The following are questions that may often be asked about Google Suite, if there are questions that have not been answered, please feel free to ask Contact us

Why is it cheaper than going straight to Google?

Because we are a reseller, Google does give the reseller price cheaper than ordering directly on google. that's true.. if the reseller price is more expensive than buying directly from google, it's better to just go to google and buy it

What are the advantages of using Gsuite Email over Bawan Hosting?

Google servers can be much more reliable and far minimal for our emails to be spammed if sending emails to other parties, considering that new domains usually go to spam quite often, but with the Google Suite this can be more resolved. Of course it's much more stable because it uses Google's servers

Do I need to buy a domain?

If you don't have a domain, you can buy a domain. later you will be directed to buy a domain when you order, but if you already have a domain then you can use the previous domain and just set up dns

Does google suite include hosting?

Unfortunately, Google Suite does not include hosting, but if you want to buy hosting, you can go directly This Page

Google Workspace or Suit?

Previously was Google suit. but google changed it to Google Workspace. but the features are the same, only the name has been changed

Refund Guarantee

Guarante for 30 Days for a minimum 1 year registration, while monthly registrations get a satisfaction guarantee for 7 Days , Uptime Guarantee during subscription

Need a help?

You don't need to worry, we will always help you, please contact us via Support ticket or Email. we will help you set up your domain until it's done

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