Reasons We Do Not Provide Telephone Support

March 21, 2024 | KB, Customer service

In today's digital era, efficient and effective customer service is the key to the success of a business. We understand the importance of fast and accurate support to our customers. However, after careful consideration, we have decided not to provide telephone support. This decision is not without reason; we want to ensure that every interaction with our customers provides maximum results. Here are some of the reasons why we chose this approach and the support alternatives we offer:

1. Limited Telephone Support

  • Inability to Send Live Screenshots: When using telephone support, customers cannot immediately send screenshots or screenshots which are an important communication tool. Screenshots make it easier for both parties to understand the problem specifically and visually. In many cases, a picture can explain a situation better than a thousand words.
  • Limitations of Handling Customers Simultaneously: Telephone use has significant limitations in terms of multi-tasking or the ability to handle multiple customers simultaneously. In situations where customer service may need opinions or assistance from other colleagues, telephone communication becomes inefficient. In contrast to digital support, where our teams can easily collaborate and share information about customer issues in real-time.
  • Team Collaboration for Problem Solving: With digital support platforms like chat and ticketing, we have the freedom to utilize our customer service team more effectively. If an agent needs help or wants to discuss a customer issue with another colleague, this process is very easy. This ensures that customers get the best solution through our team collaboration, where multiple experts can join the discussion to achieve optimal problem resolution. This feature is especially important in complex situations, where input from multiple experts is required to solve the problem in the most effective way.

2. Alternative Support Services

  • Support via WhatsApp Chat and Telegram:
    As an alternative, we provide support services via WhatsApp and Telegram chat. The platform allows sending text messages, screenshots, and even videos, facilitating more effective two-way communication. This service ensures that customers can explain their problems in more detail and clearly.
  • Support Ticket for Advanced Assistance:
    For problems that are more complex or require further investigation, we provide a support ticket system. Through this system, we can systematically track the progress of customer problem solutions and provide more structured assistance.

3. Help Via Ultra Viewer

  • Live Support with Ultra Viewer:
    We also provide assistance via Ultra Viewer, a remote desktop tool that allows our support team to directly connect to customer systems and provide real-time assistance. This is very effective for problem diagnosis and quick resolution. More information about this support can be found at our website.

Adopting this customer service method allows us to provide more focused and effective assistance. We believe that with this approach, we can resolve customer issues more quickly and accurately, ensuring higher customer satisfaction. Although we do not provide telephone support, we are committed to always being present and ready to help through the various alternative support channels we offer. We value every customer and always strive to provide the best experience in every interaction.

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