Digitalku kini Menerima Pembayaran Crypto

Dec. 24, 2022 | News

because of the advancement of Web 3. now jayahost supports payments via Crypto. customers can easily choose crypto according to their individual needs. some of the crypto that we provide for payment methods are BTC, ETH, USDT and also the most recent one is currently TON Coin

customers can choose crypto with the lowest transfer fee. like the example TON Coins .
transfer fees for payments using Crypto are charged to the customer.

some crypto payment terms as follows:

  1. for crypto conversion follow coinmarketcap conversion. can be seen in this page
  2. if after conversion and more, it will go to the deposit
  3. mata uang crypto di Digitalku berlaku untuk pembelian layanan maupun penarikan misalnya Penarikan mata uang Afiliasi

please ask our Support Team if you are still confused about using crypto currency as payment

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