Proxy Error Problem when Installing MT4/MT5 Windows 7

Apr 21, 2022 | News

Recently, we received a report that our client had problems installing Meta Trader on a vps with Windows 7 OS, which was an error being asked for a proxy.

The error is like this:

This is after we try to install it on windows 7 local computer. turned out to be experiencing the same thing. but this only happens in the new version of the meta trader installer (to be precise, the meta trader downloaded above April 10, 2022). but for meta traders downloaded before, most likely will not find the same problem even though it is installed on windows 7


  1. Please install an older version of Meta Trader. especially those downloaded before April
  2. Customers can download Meta Trader vfxwelcome.jay.id if it is available there
  3. Customers are advised to apply for a reinstall to windows 10
  4. If the customer still wants to use Windows 7. maybe they can try the 1st and 2nd method.
  5. Customers can wait for the next update for their MT4. This problem should be fixed immediately by Meta Trader so that it doesn't experience errors in Windows 7

To apply for a reinstall to Windows 10. Customers can submit it via the Support Ticket on the client portal. re-install free of charge

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